Gathering Firewood

Part of life in the wintertime here is cutting wood.  It is the main source of heat for our home, so if we don’t go out and gather it, we don’t have heat.  We cut only trees that are already dead ( and have been for a while – “preseasoned”), then bring it back to the house to be split and stacked, ready for the furnace.  So, a good bit of our time nearing winter, and during the winter, is spent gathering wood.  Therefore, as it is most nicer days, we had work to do before we could head out to get our Christmas Tree.

Finding the Perfect-ish Tree

Call it being a tightwad, call it being frugal, call it nostalgia, call it what you want, but I just can’t for the life of me see spending a ton of money on a tree that someone purposely grew for three years so that they could sell you the perfect Christmas Tree.  I can’t see doing it.  Plus, the plastic trees are just so…impersonal.  So, every year we try to find a tree that is “good enough” and is somewhere near a fence line.  Trees growing in the fence struggle, tear up the fence, and need to be cut out anyway. We essentially kill two birds with one stone.  We get a Christmas Tree that nature cultivated for us, and we end up with one tree less in our fence lines.

Off we went….on an adventure to find a tree…and make it a part of our family traditions for the next month.  What could be better than that?

What’s your Christmas tradition adventure?