So, the small child is now five.  It’s really rather hard to believe, as I’ve been trying to organize some of my photos lately and those photos of him as a newborn seem like they were just taken yesterday.  Where did the time go?  How has it passed us by so quickly?

Really, I suppose, it is just yet another reminder that what we are doing is for the best.  Knowing that time has already flown so quickly, how can I in good conscience NOT take him to see the country? How can I not give him a life of adventures?  If you have the ability to do so, why wouldn’t you?

When we asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, his requests consisted of seeing Santa, and going to see the Christmas lights.  Sigh… I suppose that soon enough he will be old enough that he doesn’t appreciate his birthday being the same month as Christmas. For now though, we indulge him.

His letter to Santa was quite the fun bit of schooling, as once he realized that WRITING was involved in WRITING a letter (imagine that….) he decided it wasn’t fun anymore, and that he could just do without toys.  The end result was: “Dear Santa, I Love You.” Slightly unconventional, but I suppose it works.

The Enchanted Village of Lights

The Enchanted Village of Lights in Laurie, MO is well, well worth the drive if you are coming from a distance.  It is over a mile long drive of lights, and took us almost 45 minutes to go through in its entirety.  There was a little bit of everything lights wise, and the spectacular display definitely didn’t disappoint.  They do have a place for donations at the end, but it is FREE!  How do you beat that?  All of the other large displays that I have seen were $20-30 per car.  So, this is a great evening outing that is economical and enjoyable. Their website is here