So there’s an RVer in your life that you’d like to get a gift for this year, but how do you shop for someone who doesn’t need “things”?  An RVer Gift Guide like this one can help you find something special for the nomad in your life (or maybe even yourself).  Shop this RVer Gift Guide to get ideas to fill that stocking this year.

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Boondocker’s Welcome – Membership site to bring RV Hosts and RVers together

Rving can sometimes be a bit lonely.  Especially if you or someone you love is just hopping from park to park.  With Boondocker’s Welcome, you can make lasting connections with fellow RV enthusiasts who will give you a safe place to stay.  Locations and people can be found all over the US and even in many other countries!  If you are looking for a gift that will give them a plethora of memories with other RV enthusiasts, this is it!  It’s inexpensive for a yearly membership, and once they are a member the overnight stays are FREE!  If they use it even just once, it often pays for itself.

Get A Boondocker’s Welcome Membership Here

Harvest Hosts – Free Camping At Amazing Farms, Wineries, and Museums

Giving someone experiences, knowledge, and memories used to be a hard thing to do.  Not anymore with Harvest Hosts.  A membership with Harvest Hosts gives the someone you love free camping opportunities at Farms, Wineries, and Museums around the country.  Most offer tours and insight into how their products are made or the history of the area.  What could be better than sipping a glass of wine next to their camper watching the sunset over local grapes?

Snag A Harvest Hosts Membership Here

Roam the Roads Journal

Life in the RV is mostly about memories.  Help your loved one remember and keep track of the amazing places they’ve been and the wonderful people they’ve met with a travel journal set up just for RVers. They can record campsite locations, funny things that have happened, the characters they have been introduced to,  and all those thoughts that occur as they are Roaming the Roads.

Set them up to start journaling their travels for under $10. 

Mosso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Let’s face it…when you live in a tiny space, smells become overwhelming FAST.  Have one of these small but mighty bamboo charcoal air purifiers sent to a loved one, and chances are you’ll get a big thank you!  They are reusable and last up to 2 years.  What other air purifier that doesn’t use electricity can say that?  Plus, it’s only $10.

Give the Gift of Fresh Air

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent

Outside = Bugs.  Mainly mosquitoes.  They buzz, they bite, then you itch.  Grant a loved one some itch-free evenings with the refillable Thermacell Mosquito Repellent.  It clips right to their belt and creates a bite free zone around them that is DEET-Free and Scent-Free. At under $20, you’ll want to grab one for you too before spring comes round again.

Who Would Have Thought You Could Gift a Bug Free Bubble?

National Parks Pass – 1 Year

There’s no places quite like those found in our National Parks.  Surprise someone you know who is wanting to start their next adventure by grabbing them a 1 year National Parks Pass.  They and accompanying passengers in a single, private, non-commercial vehicle will be covered.  It also covers the Pass owner and three (3) accompanying adults age 16 and older at sites where Per Person entrance fees are charged.

Send them to our National Parks

The Mobile Internet Handbook – For US Based RVers, Cruisers & Nomads

Getting a connection while on the road is always a struggle for RVers.  Sneak in a leg up for them by gifting them this book from Technomadia.  With many years experience staying connected on the road, they have compiled excellent tips and information into their handbook to help others maintain the internet connection they need.

Help Them Get Connected

The Gift of Mobile Espresso

Coffee is now so revered that it is almost a cult unto itself.  If there’s someone you love who adores coffee like it will soon be their child, the gift of mobile espresso may be just the one!  This little espresso maker tout’s an impressive 8 bars and makes a quick but delicious shot of espresso anywhere you can take it!

Espresso Your Love For Them

Go Back To “It’s the Thought That Counts”

Many RVers would be quite happy if you just took the time to make a handmade card or write a heartfelt letter, or invited them to a nice meal just to catch up.  Often, RVers have left the world of placing worth on “things” and place more emphasis on memories.  Take the time to let them know how you feel about them, and gifts will not be necessary at all.  Make a memory, recall a memory, or plan a new adventure.  Have A Holiday Filled With Wonder.

RVer Holiday Gift Guide over Pine Trees Covered In Snow