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We only get one life.  Just the one.  We don’t get to keep anything when we go, nor does our money help us in some twisted afterlife.  There is nothing that we get from this life, other than the here and now.  We get memories, experiences, knowledge, and friends.  We get time.  Time is all we get, and it is all limited. An hour, a day, a month, a year, a decade….we don’t know what our magic number is, so we’ve decided not to waste it.  We are taking what we have, taking the most adventures, and making the most memories of it.  AND we want to take you along with us!



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5 Ways To Save Your Sanity While RVing

5 Ways To Save Your Sanity While RVingWe've all heard the stories.  A couple or a family hears about the RV lifestyle, gets excited, runs out and buys an RV, travels for a bit, and then says "Who in their right mind would do this?  This is nuts!  We...

Campsite Review: Elk City Lake Park

Elk City Lake Park - Elk City, OK   Located just south of Elk City, OK, Elk City Lake Park provides 5 RV sites that sit right next to the water.  The park was clean and well maintained when we visited, and had several amenities. Those included showers, toilets, a...

2018 RVer Holiday Gift Guide

  So there's an RVer in your life that you'd like to get a gift for this year, but how do you shop for someone who doesn't need "things"?  An RVer Gift Guide like this one can help you find something special for the nomad in your life (or maybe even yourself). ...

Simple and Expandable Basic Solar Setup for $600

This post may contain affiliate links.  Please read our Disclosure for more info. A Simple RV Solar Setup Can Be A Game Changer We all know that boondocking is amazing.  It is normally free, the vistas are usually quite appealing, and the likelihood of neighbors is...

RVing On An Island